Amazon in every product

100% Amazonia translates all the complexity and richness of the Amazon ecosystem into a portfolio of more than 50 high-performance products for industry.

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From the Amazon to your door

100% Amazonia is a B Corp specializing in innovative solutions that transform Amazonian resources into unique ingredients. We offer renewable, non-timber forest bioingredients produced in collaboration with communities, local cooperatives, and family farms to leverage the best of the Amazon rainforest.

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Food and Beverages

Nature brings flavor! Amazonian ingredients combine taste, quality, sustainability, and high nutritional levels.

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Personal Care

Nature is the authentic source of quality. Our products have high performance and safety, with a commitment to sustainability every step of the way.

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Fruits of the Amazon

Our portfolio translates the region’s riches into more than 50 products made with 25 botanical species, which showcase the forest’s biodiversity.

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An abundant forest—and prosperity for its people

100% Amazonia gives local communities an active voice in our processes. Through respectful collaboration and partnerships, we achieve a complete, sustainable process. It begins with raw materials around the Amazon and ends with delivery of quality ingredients around the world. We meet the needs of industry customers while improving quality of life for people in the Amazon.

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From the forest – for the forest

100% Amazonia creates innovative solutions that transform Amazon resources into unique ingredients for industry. Our processes conserve the vitality of the forest and generate income and opportunities for the people who make this environment their home.

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